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The Wellstone Group, LLC

An Equal Employment Opportunity Company

About the Wellstone Group

The Wellstone Group, LLC is a limited liability corporation solely owned by Laura M. Sweeney. We specialize in placing Information Technology consultants as well as IT full time hires.  We have been certified by New York State as a Minority Owned Business since 2004. We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Company.

Wellstone has been serving the financial services industry and the healthcare services industry in New York City since 1996.  My main focus has always been customer service and the client relationship.  Our clients have included Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, and NYU Langone Hospital Center.

Wellstone is a partner to its clients.  I enthusiastically embrace all opportunities and ideas to help my clients in any way possible.  I have high ethical standards and have a wonderful reputation with both my clients and the Wellstone consultants.

Our headquarters are in Vero Beach, Florida. We currently have over 50 consultants placed in New York City primarily at NYU Langone Hospital Center.  We have had approximately 60 consultants hired as employees by the hospital which is a testament to the quality of people we source. Wellstone prides itself on its ability to recruit these hardworking, caring and dedicated individuals.

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